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the firm

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Editing helps to construct a narrative. it cuts out the boring activities into quick burst. An example of editing is the assassination scene in North by North-West between Rodger Thronhill apartment and the United Nations there are 27 scenes in total. Editing can be used to create excitement and tension for example the shower scene in psycho when Marion dies the pace slows down as if her life is slowly leaving us.



One scene dissolves into another, overlapping for a moment

Fade out/Fade in:

One scene fades out to black completely, then another fades in


One scene wipes across the screen, revealing or replacing the next one. This can happen in any



The next scene replaces the last by appearing from the centre like the iris of an eye

Jump cuts:

Two scenes that feature a common element right after one another, so something stays the

same but the rest changes. This is used for disorienting or comedy effect.

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