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Thursday, 18 December 2014

how does the opening sequence of x-files: squezze

Adam Wilson How does the opening sequence of X files: Squeeze? This episode is about a man who murders 4 people every fifty years to have their liver and hibernates until the next fifty years come along. There are two FBI agents Scully and Mulder who try and hunt him down. The murder gets yellow eyes whenever he sees his victim and covers his tracks but takes one personal object from the victim. Every episode of X files begins in the same fashion with a murder or abduction so the audience expect what is going to happen. It uses conventions of horror, thriller, science-fiction and some different happens but it’s always weird. The opening shot is an extreme long high angled shot pan of Baltimore, Maryland with a sunset in the background. This suggests that it’s getting dark and when it’s dark you usually expect something bad is going to happen. There’s a dissolved shot to go into shot two. Shot two is a high shot of a man; this suggests that someone who is watching him is singling him out so he is the murderer’s victim. There’s a series of editing when it’s changing between the man and the pathway but it get closer to the pathway every time it changes, the director is trying to indicate that there is someone watching the man under the pathway. As the sequence comes to an end the man is about to step into his car and the image is slowed down and de saturated this means the murder has chosen his victim. The close-up of the yellow eyes under the pathway is meant to suggest that the murderer is not any normal murderer. The sound in this sequence builds up the pulsating sound to cover up the diegetic sound. As the camera closes up on the eyes the sound builds up. The next sequence he walks into the building, it doesn’t show what’s around him. This could mean that there’s someone around him, it also doesn’t show what’s behind him then it jump cuts straight to where he comes out the elevator. When he comes out the elevator it shows a red light, the red light suggests that something bad is going to happen. When he walks out the elevator it shows what’s behind him and the camera does a close up shot so were limited to what we see. Then the man walks around the corner to his office but the camera starts following him from behind to make it look like someone is following him. When he comes out the elevator it shows a red light, the red light suggests that something bad is going to happen. It also shows the cable shaking; this suggests that the killer is slowly climbing up. The man walks into his office; they do this because they don’t want you to see the killer. When he sits down there’s little light so it looks like he surrounded by darkness. His facial expressions show that he is tired and he’s had a long day. There’s more evidence that he’s had a bad day when he picks the phone up and tries to ring his wife his wife. His wife doesn’t pick up so he leaves a message saying he’s had a bad day. He walks back out his office to make a cup of coffee, the editing is used to build up the tension by closing up on the man’s face so we can’t see what’s around him, it cuts to the vent and you faintly hear someone breathing, the strew on the vent starts slowly starts unscrewing, it falls out and a hand pops out of the vent. It’s clear now that he is the target so it focuses on him. You can tell that something bad is going to happen as he walks into the pitch black office. The crescendo builds the tension up because you know the killer is in the office. The door slams behind so you can’t see what happens and so you can’t see the killer because its pitch black. All you can see is the door handle is rapidly moving and then the door get smashed and the sound dies down. The next scene it slowly moves across the table and shows all his things and if you look back you realise the little globe is gone, this will come back later on in the episode. It also shows the face of the man dead and he looks yellow like the murders eyes. It eventually shows the killer going back through the vent but you don’t see who it is.

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